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Emetophobia Anyone?
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Auteur:  johntimber [ 26 jul 18 14:10 ]
Berichttitel:  Emetophobia Anyone?


In case you don't know what it is, it's an intense fear of vomiting. I know nobody likes vomiting and tries to avoid it, but I really have an extreme fear of it. If somebody has a sick bug in my house, I will literally scream, and I spray disinfectant all over my room and on my hands and face (making my skin incredibly sore), and I even keep a gas mask in my room to put on! Now, that is what reacting to fear is, so it is that bad.When it's winter and I hear about the Norovirus going around or somebody tells me that they've got or had the sick bug, I start panicking, and for the rest of that week I keep thinking I've got it when I haven't. I then feel really sick in the night, and each time I burp I keep tasting afterwards to see if it tastes funny or unusual (because they say you can have tastes of sulphur in your mouth when you're getting a sick bug), and I even keep a sick bowl underneath my bed just in case.I remember I caught a sick bug off someone when I was 17, but I didn't actually be sick. I woke up in the night feeling really queasy, and I was shaking so hard that the whole bed was shaking, and I was also fighting the nausea back so hard that I was sweating - until the bed was soaking wet and had to be changed. I did finally manage to fight it all back and I fell asleep. The next day I had no appertite all day and felt unwell, but at least I managed to prevent any vomiting. The fear is so strong that I can really fight it back.I haven't been physically sick in over 10 years. Anyone else suffer from Emetophobia?

Please help.

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